Mud Stories with Jacque Watkins - Messy moments worked for our good

Delivering her baby prematurely at 25 weeks, Kayla Aimee shares how in her unexpected tragedy she struggled through 156 days in the NICU with her baby, and how the experience in the past four years helped her become anchored, find hope, and learn to suffer well.

Kayla's book: Anchored: Finding Hope in the Unexpected 

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Annie Lobert shares her experience through the messy muddy world of sex trafficking, pimps, prostitution and pornography, and offers the hope of God's Great Love to each of us and to the women she rescues through her ministry Hookers for Jesus and their year-long program with The Destiny House.

Annie's Website: Hookers For Jesus

Annie's Book: Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry and Into the Arms of the Savior

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Hard times can make us feel isolated and alone, wondering if God is still good and if He sees us at all, and yet Susie Larson has much encouragement and wisdom to offer to help us to feel as loved as we are, and learn to give God our sacred yes.

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Jenny Lee Sulpizio grew up with ritual and tradition, but without an understanding of God and His grace. In this episode she shares her journey toward finding faith, braving the scary thought of attending church, experiencing community at church, and learning to accept the free gift of grace God gives us all.

Website: Jenny Lee Sulpizio, Grace For the Journey

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Grief and pain make us feel broken, and yet it is our brokenness and sitting in our grief long enough that can become a gift, especially as we choose to say yes to being with God in it, no matter what, as He redeems our grief for our ultimate good. This is part two of my conversation with Colleen Mitchell.


Colleen's Blog: Blessed Are the Feet

St. Francis Emmaus Center

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