Mud Stories with Jacque Watkins - Messy moments worked for our good

Jacque Watkins, the host of The Mud Stories Podcast, talks with her four youngest kids about the hardship of facing our mud, the challenge it is to give thanks, and they even share some knock knock jokes too! It's a Thanksgiving gift to you!

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Courtney Westlake shares the unexpected adversity of her daughter's diagnosis of harlequin ichthyosis, insights into grieving "normal", how suffering drives us to God, and how we can learn to see beauty in our differences, allowing our faith to grow through hard circumstances. Courtney shares advice and encouragement for us and our kids when we encounter people who are different, and helps us see how there is beauty even in our differences.

Courtney's Blog: Blessed by Brenna


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For Seth Haines, doubt led to pain, and pain to addiction, and yet Seth's process of coming clean is really a journey for us all, as we learn to face our pain, find it's source, and forgive again and again--all in the company of Christ.

Coming Clean--A Story of Faith, by Seth Haines


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An argument free relationship doesn't have to be just a dream, but Fawn Weaver believes can be possible for us all. Fawn shares her personal mud story, as well as insight and wisdom to help us create argument-free relationships.

The Happy Wives Club

Fawn's TEDxPortland Talk--An Argument Free Marriage

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