Mud Stories with Jacque Watkins - Messy moments worked for our good

Often we get frustrated and angry in our relationships, and especially in our parenting, when our expectations are not met. Jacque explores the some of the possible roots of our anger, how to pause, evaluate, and identify our expectations. She also shares some practical ways to adjust our expectations, in order to minimize our frustration and anger, and extend grace--both to ourselves and to others.



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Doris Lew shares her journey through chronic kidney disease and daily dialysis as a wife, mother, and teacher. She describes her experience of waiting, and how multiple organ donors fell through. Doris encourages us that our circumstances never define God's love for us and how doubt actually builds our faith, all the while affording us the opportunity to come to know and understand that no matter how we feel, God is good, God is wise, and we are never forgotten.


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Katie Orr shares about her depression, grief after the sudden loss of her young brother, and her FOCUSed15 method for us to learn to love to study the Bible.


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A fun PRESHOW conversation with Katie Orr, where we talk about food and hot pots in China, Italian food, skinny dipping, Yeti mugs, Bill Bright, spiritual makeup, scripture memory, being "fine", and our gratitude for the significance of God's mercy and grace.


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